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The time of heroes is at an end. Evil, now, is on the rise!

Lords of Nether is a Dungeon Management and RTS hybrid game that puts you in the role of a malevolent Netherlord, on their quest to conquer the world of Man! Build elaborate dungeons, gather armies of dark minions, defend your evil lair from invading heroes and then retaliate in turn, by sending your forces to wreak havoc on the Overworld and claim it for your own! The world lies within your reach, Lord!

Four mighty Netherlords vie for control over the ancient world of Antioch. Banished many centuries ago, these powerful demigods return to the world with a fury and searing hatred for all but their own machinations. Choose your Lord and embark on a dark campaign of domination and destruction, using their unique talents and abilities! Some Lords prefer to direct combat from a distance, aiding their minions, while other charge in the thick of combat! But beware, for the Lord cannot fall, or all is lost!

Far beneath the prying eyes of would-be heroes, you shall build your dark domains, carving out mighty dungeons to house your armies and protect your imposing Self! Your loyal kobolds will work the earth and stone for you tirelessly, so that you may build and furnish rooms to your taste or needs, create gauntlets of deadly traps and create a vast and well functioning underground lair. You may come under attack even here, but this is your domain and you will make the enemy learn that the hard way.

Lurking on the periphery of civilization, out in the untamed wilds or in unspeakable, dark corners of the world, many vile things harken to your call! Summon these evil creatures to your service, protect, nurture and train them well, so they may become a vicious fighting force! A mighty Lord needs a mighty army and there is no shortage of willing soldiers with a burning hatred for Mankind! From Goblins and Trolls, to Warlocks and terrifying demons, learn the strengths and weaknesses of these creatures well, for they are your mightiest tools of war!

A great deal of enemies stand in your way to victory! These soldiers and would be heroes of Amaranth and its vassal lands range from the mundane Man-at-Arms, through deadly Wizards and Knights, to powerful Battle Mages and many more. You will encounter these forces at every turn, opposing your dark conquest, but you will learn how to crush them in time and maybe even twist them to your evil cause.

Many devious machines may be built in the employ of the defence of your Underground Domain! Your creatures will labour to build these contraptions, creating deadly gauntlets for any trespassers. From simple arrow traps, to crystals that unleash the might of the storms or cursed artefacts that flood the tunnels with hellish flame, there is no shortage of ways to dissuade your foe from venturing further, or killing them outright. Greater cunning may uncover interesting combinations for different traps, further increasing their usefulness! While some may learn to avoid your traps, a good defence is always preferable to facing the enemy at their full strength, my Lord.

Mana is the currency of Dark Sorcery, and such arts are plentiful in your employ! Spells may have many different uses, from letting you peer past the fog of war, to opening gateways for your creatures to travel through and unleashing deadly volleys to dissuade enemies from approach, there is much power at your fingertips. Use it wisely.

The ultimate goal of your quest for domination, the Overworld sits ripe for conquest! Take your armies and lay siege to the Kingdom of Amaranth and its allies, who stand in your way. With many different vistas and objectives, you will explore the world of Antioch step by step, claiming the land for your own as you go. From the rolling hills of the West, to the scorching deserts of the south and more, no place will escape your grasp! Mankind’s strongholds will fall before you, mighty Lord!

These and more are the things we have planned for Lords of Nether and are working hard to make a reality! Thank you for your interest in our work, it means more than you know! We hope that we will create a new and powerful experience with this game, that will stay with you a long time! If you are interested in the development of the game, feel free to follow our newsletter! Also you can follow us on social media or join our forums to directly talk to us and others who are looking forward to Lords of Nether!

Thank you and fight well, Netherlord!

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