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Are you going to have a Kickstarter campaign?

Yes, we are planning to create a Kickstarter campaign somewhere between October 2018 and March 2019.

What are Netherlords?

Netherlords are powerful command units that are the lynchpin of your schemes and machinations. They are you within the game and their death will mark the end of your efforts, so protect them well!

Is this similar to Dungeon Keeper?

Yes, we are heavily inspired by Dungeon Keeper, taking many similar core mechanics such as dungeon excavation, creature nurture etc, but we also want to go in our own direction. Lords of Nether is not meant to be a spiritual successor to the Dungeon Keeper series, but rather a different entry in the Dungeon Management genre.

What RTS elements will the game have?

Lords of Nether will feature the capability for direct creature control and command, allowing a more precise and diverse way to strategize. While you have this ability however, you will not have to micromanage everything, as your creatures still have high levels of autonomy and will go about doing their tasks and thinking intelligently in combat without the need for your direct intervention.

How long is the campaign?

Currently we have planned between 30 and 40 missions in the campaign, contained in 4 Acts. While this is subject to change, we want to deliver a lasting experience and one that offers itself to plenty of replayability.

Will there be multiplayer?

Most definitely! Crush your friends in a brutal 4-way multiplayer showdown, in a wide range of maps and multiplayer modes.

How many units do you have planned?

Currently the number of creatures available for summoning is planned to be around 16, but this may be subject to change. In addition you will be able to convert the different heroes that you fight in the game, or maybe even tame wild creatures you encounter!

When can I play this?

We cannot yet give a concrete date on release, but work is heavily underway to get the game ready to the point where we will launch a publicly available Demo with our upcoming Kickstarter campaign’s launch. The date for this is not yet set, but we are aiming towards Q1 of 2019!

What are the PC requirements?

To be determined.

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