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A Dark, malevolent power rises over the ancient world of Antioch, threatening to engulf it in shadow. That power… is you, my Netherlord!

Lords of Nether is a dark fantasy strategy and dungeon-management hybrid game, currently in development, putting you in the role of a terrifying Netherlord, a sinister and mighty figure that seeks to rule the world of Antioch. Choose your Lord, build a highly customisable underground domain to house your forces and be the grave of foolish heroes, amass, train and directly command armies of many different types of evil creatures, from weak and cowardly goblins, to demons so dreadful that even mighty knights will cower before them, take your armies to the very world above and bring ruin to the lands of Man! Nothing will stand in your way, Lord!

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Dark Atmosphere

Directly inspired by classics such as the original Dungeon Keeper and Diablo 1 and 2, you will bear witness to a gritty, realistic and dark setting, where Humanity is in it’s twilight, perverted by an age of twisted Monarchy and the foul things that lurk at the periphery of civilization ready to strike at it’s heart, all at your command!

Immerse yourself in the darkest reaches of the world and bend them to your will! You are the absolute Evil in this world and all shall learn it, one way or another!

Extensive Control

  • A comprehensive building system, allowing for a greater degree of creative design and customization.
  • Direct control of minions for a vast range of tactical and strategic decisions, allowing you to outsmart and outmaneuver the foe.
  • Intelligent creature AI and autonomy, allowing independent behaviour in and out of combat.

A New era in Dungeon Management

Merging together the genres of Dungeon Management and Real-Time Strategy, Lords of Nether attempts to give you a whole new, much more involved experience than ever before! You will build extensive dungeons and armies of dark creatures all to your liking and desires and lead them on a campaign to take the world from the wretched hands of Mankind! A new era dawns, Lord… Your era.

Epic Story

The ancient world of Antioch is on it’s last legs! Centuries of corrupt Monarchy have greatly weakened the Kingdom of Amaranth, the sovereign ruler of all other nations. With its decline, the Netherlords, banished over seven hundred years ago by the Last King of the Old World, now return to wreak bloody vengeance and take the world for their own! Embark on an epic campaign, wreaking havoc through the lands of Amaranth and its vassals! Through rural plains, vast deserts and frozen mountains, you will fight your way to the heart of Amaranth, where you will once and for all depose mankind and its loathsome god – the Avatar, as the sovereigns of this world!

Stunning Visuals

  • 3D models beautifully sculpted at 50+ million polygons, baked to optimized versions to get incredible detail at a quick framerate.
  • PBR (Physically Based Rendering) shaders & texturing for lifelike materials.
  • Motion captured animation tweaked by hand to bring the characters to life.
  • In-game cinematics & CGI rendered cut scenes throughout the campaign.
  • Real-time cloth simulation that interacts with the environment.
  • Ragdoll physics, for those rendered unconscious or meeting a more…
    final fate..

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