Welcome, One and All, to the Den of Evil!

Welcome, mighty Lords!

Today marks a momentous occasion in the development and budding community of Lords of Nether – the full unveiling of this, it’s official website! We’re very proud to finally bring it to you and we’ve spent a lot of time building the website into a useful and engaging tool for everyone that has an interest in Lords of Nether. With this, we finally establish a true online presence, where all who take interest in our malevolent doings can come together and learn more! We welcome you to this place of dark worship and machinations with open arms! Let us all make it great together!

Among the features this site offers you, if you have not yet fully explored them, alongside general information about the game, is a news section, a forum where you can directly engage with us and other members of the community and even a newsletter which you can subscribe to, in order to be notified of major advancements in development in a monthly report! We invite you to make full use of these features, as we want to be as close to our community and see it grow bigger and stronger as we continue to push closer to allowing you to ravage the ancient world of Antioch with armies of unrelenting evil! Go out and flood the forums with your malicious musings and cunning questions, we welcome it all!

In addition, as you may have seen, we have a page dedicated to our current team-members so you can see who it is, working behind the scenes. Also, a media section containing various artistic work. Over time it is likely both of these will become bigger, with the media section incorporating far more artwork and even more types such as videos later on. We are very much looking forward to provide you with more and more material to enjoy and immerse yourselves within Antioch’s dark atmosphere with, prior to and in-between the demos and release! Speaking of demos, this is indeed where our initial demos, including the Early Demo which will be coming very soon, will be available for download, but we will get into all that soon.

Within the next week, on the 27th of May, we will issue our first full newsletter to try and fully inform everyone as to our current state and our future plans, so please subscribe to it if you are interested! You can do this from the bottom of the homepage of the site. The information will also be available here as we will post in this news section as well. If you follow the development of the game on our Facebook page, it is likely some of the material will be repeated, but we will try to include as much as possible to fully encompass the current situation so we can continue the news on development from there on, with everyone being on a solid and transparent idea of where development is at.

We will continue to improve the site over time whenever and wherever possible of course, worry not my aspiring Lords! This is only the beginning, after all, but we dare say it is a rather solid one and hope you will agree! Once again, we welcome you here and hope you will enjoy taking part in the growing community as development continues, and beyond!

Until next time, curse the Light and fight well, my Lords!

~ Your Loyal Overseer

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