Summer Spectacular Progress Update – 2018

Hello Again, my Magnificent Lords!

It has been a long time since we brought an update to you it seems. A time filled with searing heat and the unrelenting rays of the sun. Thank the Darkness for Underground living! But in truth summer has been a bit of a messy season, with varied productivity. Despite this however we have still managed to do quite a lot and I, your trusted Overseer will go about briefly explaining the most important points bellow!

Mechanics and Programming

  • Defences – We have added the Defences Tab, which will contain all walls, doors and traps, as well as added the tool to allow you to actually build walls in game! A powerful tool for the aspiring Dungeon Architect you will no doubt prove yourself as!
  • Pause – A Pause system has been developed and put in place, allowing the game to be paused at will or when interacting with certain menus.
  • Networking Systems – We have gone back and made a big change to how the game’s various systems interact and communicate with each other, to allow for networking and therefore Multiplayer. This is represented by the formerly true realtime system, by the new turn-based one. Now, it should be noted that this does not mean that the game will be turn based, but that the underlying systems function and communicate in this much more efficient way. The “turns” themselves happen so fast that the game itself still very much functions in realtime This is a very important step towards the future of our Multiplayer !
  • A number of bugs have been squashed and things adjusted, but honestly it is far too early ot even bother naming or counting these.
  • Unit Mechanics – Units are undergoing further development, now that the AI is more stable and varied. Important mechanics such as damage types and resistances are being worked on, to allow combat to re-enter the build soon in a better state than before!
  • Save & Load – Obviously an extremely important mechanic with quite some complexities is being worked on and will hopefully make it’s way to us soon!

Art and Assets

  • Traps – As you have no doubt seen if you follow our social media, we have made the assets for our first few traps and a trigger! The tools in your gauntlet’s arsenal will only grow in time, but we are happy to introduce the first of the set! These are not yet functional, but have patience, Lord!
  • Workshop – Naturally, a place is needed to manufacture these wicked devices, so we have begun construction on the Workshop Tileset! Can’t wait to hear the hammering of Trolls upon the sturdy anvils!
  • Throne Room – In addition to this, we have been mentioning how we are currently renovating Lord Mordred’s Throne room, and we are making more and more progress towards the end of this, a most esteemed task! Soon, you will rule in true style, my Dark Majesties!
  • Animations – We have rethought our approach to animation language after seeing our initial tries ingame and decided to re-record many of the previous animations to exaggerate and emphasize movement and character due to the large distance you tend to see your domain from. Nothing corny of course, just stronger and more pronounced! We have done much of this re-recording and are in progress of upgrading the animations!
  • Sound – And at last, we have added more sounds to the game, bringing the underground cavern and water tiles to life with some rock rumbles and water drops respectively. We are currently working on the first creature sounds, belonging to the Worker, and can’t wait to hear those in action!

So, now that Summer is over, the heat is finally passing and we return to the fold in a more productive state, we will be updating you more regularly once again! We are glad to be back and can’t wait to show you more as it becomes available!

Until next time, my Lords!


August 15, 2018
Dont want you to get in trouble with EA for using those traps and such. Please make sure you wont get suied, by EA, I want to see the day where this gem get his release
August 15, 2018
Traps have been a staple of many a dungeon long before EA was even a twinkle in a mad future CEO's eye. There is absolutely no reason for concern.

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