State of the Game – May, 2018

Welcome, Great Lords!

Take a seat upon your Throne, so that I, Your Loyal Overseer may tell you all the news from the realms!

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To start with, obviously one of the biggest pieces of news lately is the creation of this site and we are very excited to finally have it up and running! We hope you’re all finding good use of it!

Now, we here at the LoN dev team are more or less on the verge of updating Unity, the engine LoN is built on, to its latest iteration. This comes with a few perks, but few as important as the ability to mess with the rendering pipeline, including writing our own outright This is a very powerful tool that will allow us to make better visuals, but also allow us to optimize for various setups and conditions!

Now for the actual State of the Game, a great many important things have been brought to bear and we are extremely happy to finally see the game taking shape! Pathfinding already exists in a very solid state, capable of accounting for the ever shifting nature of the Underground etc.

Creature AI has built up from scratch, and is now complex enough to allow creatures to basically lead their own lives when not following your direct commands. They can now take care of their needs such as sleep and hunger, perform tasks such as training when not attending to their needs, and generally idly wander about when having nothing to otherwise do. This was all no small task and took a great deal of time and effort, but because of its solid functionality we can now re-introduce the workers and build their behavior with this system, making them much more efficient and clever. Work is beginning on that, and when its done we will also re-apply combat, at which point we will have all the very basic functionality needed for the Early Demo.

We will take some time to polish up existing features such as construction, navigation and general interaction with the game, but when that is done we will be ready to release the first demo! That will be available here on the site, but don’t worry, we’ll make a fuss about it, you can be sure! While it will not have the fancier features such as spells and traps and be limited only to the Goblin as your available creature, we think it will serve well to illustrate in many ways what we are going for!

We will continue working on the game after the release of this demo, naturally, trying to tie in some of the more complex features in time for the Kickstarter, which will come some time after. The Kickstarter will launch with it’s own demo, which will hopefully then include things like Spells, Traps, creature abilities etc.

In the meantime the art side of things has been hard at work on the goblin animations and we’re very happy to say that the creature now has all the animations it will need for the Early Demo! In addition, we have been working on some secret character models which will be revealed down the line. Speaking of reveals, a piece of artwork is on it’s way, to unveil yet another secret, but patience, Lords! All in due time!

So that is pretty much the summary of where we’re at now and how we intend to continue for the close future! We hope you found something of interest, and we will continue to update you as we go on! As usual, please feel free to take part in the site, register, ask us anything on the forums or even just discuss whatever madness with each other!

In the meantime, we will keep working to deliver you your Dark Domain! Until next time, Lords!
Your Loyal Overseer

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