State of the Game – June, 2018

Hello again, aspiring Lords!

Once again, it is time for a roundup of what we, your diligent task-force have been doing to bring your dark domain to fruition! We will go through what we’ve been up to and address some important changes in our future plans, so grab the finest bottle of spirits from your latest raid and sit comfortably, my Liege!

This month we have finally broken the shackles of AI and began building on its ever so important foundation. Here is a comprehensive list of what the team have been up to lately:

  •  Improved and finished the fundamental creature AI. Creatures can now fully recognize the difference between their various tasks, their relevance etc, and can move to satisfy needs or perform jobs with efficiency, as well they should.
  • On the foundation of this AI, workers have made a return to the build with new and improved behavior, capable of not only more intelligently and naturally deciding which tasks to tackle, in what order etc, but to also follow commands when issued directly! They have also been updated with some more recent animations and are begging to bring life to the rock and soil of your underground domain!
  • Fixes to building and object placement mechanics have been made, to make things a bit clearer and more responsive.
  • We have worked out the layout of our Creature Ability System and are starting to lay the foundations for it! This means that in some time creatures will be able to use the various skills they possess! Fireballs, here we come!
  • Some general fixes to game infrastructure etc to make things more streamlined and easier to work with and build upon.
  • Working heavily on the substantial task of getting the Throne Room truly ready for your Imposing Majesty! This means sculpting and detailing, UVing, retopologizing, and a number of other things. We are getting close to the texturing phase for the most difficult and time consuming part of this room and very soon will move on to the rest of the tileset. We have to say we are very excited to finally see this place start to come together!
  • Animation fixes for Mordred are underway as well, as a Lord has to inspire true dread and loyalty, and jittering, off-target animations will do little for this. Now we stride with weight and malignant purpose and woe betide any who cross our path!
  • Audio work is underway, coming close to finished for the ambient sounds of the environment and very soon moving to creature sound design!

So with all these things moving the way they are we are now opening to the final stages of the pre-alpha build. As we wrap up the foundations of the workers we will re-introduce combat, giving us the full suite of the very basic mechanics of the game. After this we will spend some time polishing and further refining what we have into a more enjoyable and cohesive experience and further improving our Editor’s tools to allow us to make proper maps with scripted events etc. Learning from past mistakes, we won’t be making predictions as to when exactly these things will be completed as this early on in development such things often prove inaccurate.

On the topic of learning about mistakes however we have come to a very important decision regarding our demo builds and our approach towards Kickstarter. After careful deliberation we have decided that we will not be releasing the pre-alpha demo as that will only rush us into putting something incomplete and lackluster out, which neither us nor you want. In addition such a move early on has the potential to bring long term harm to the momentum of our campaign so instead we have decided to do the following:

After completing the pre-alpha build, we will continue working on the game to the point where we can bring you a more complete Kickstarter Demo, complete with more advanced mechanics such as traps, spells, research etc. We will, from the point of the pre-alpha, have much more material to show you what we are really doing and how the game is shaping up, so expect more in the ways of videos and other media! We understand that this may be a bit of a disappointment to some of you, but ultimately we would rather make something that truly shows what we can do and what we are making, something that captivates and impresses as it is supposed to, rather than something rushed and mediocre. We hope you understand and that you will continue with us down this road, as we believe that your first hands-on experience of the game should be something truly worth your dedication and support! In addition, the Kickstarter Demo will be made available on Steam for free, along with other sources such as here on our own site!

All in all, that about wraps it up for this month’s rundown. We cannot wait to bring you more glimpses into the dark world we are building and hope you will be patient with us as we do our best to make it as worth your time as possible!

Until next time, Lords, fight well!
Your Loyal Overseer


June 25, 2018
As much as it sucks waiting longer to play the demo, you've made the right call. You only get one chance to make a first impression so you wanna make the best one possible. We can slumber in the nether a little longer.
steve Hine
June 27, 2018
Will this be released on Steam?
June 28, 2018
We have stated so in the article. The Demo and the Full game will be.

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