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    Post your wishes for Lords of Nether and what you liked about other Dungeon Management Games there.
    Perhaps the Dev’s will take a look and impliment stuff, who knows?

    1. Independed Unit behaviour, in combat
      I’m the kind of person who doesn’t enjoy the combat mirco management in RTSs, where you move back the low HP ones by a bit, so that it wont get targettet. I prefere an automated combat system in Dungeon Management Games so that it feels like a RTS for boneheads, but thats just me. Dont get me wrong, I can do that micro management and I dont think that I’m bad it it (at least not in StarCraft II, but perhaps in Age of Empire^^) but I just dont like this element in Dungeon management Games. Just my 2 cents
    2. Tech Tree’s
      Since WFTO had this one in, I just fall in love with it, I also liked that about Dungeons III. I really like that you have an option to out- & counter-play your opponent by teching in a different direction. I just like the interaction between players in PvP. If you take DK II, it was allways the same, you had some room layouts you built 1:1 that way, due to Elite Units, you killed your useless Units to get skelettons, exchanged Knights and Workers with the Pool and the spell and got defences up, get much mana and possess a units. It got quite repetetivly and your opponent were doing the same, thougth luck and the interaction was fun, thought at some point it hasn’t too much to do with beeing smart and outplay your opponent, it came down to skill or luck (yes, sometimes, I got a firefly and a goblin instead of an Dark Knight which fucked me up)
    3. Grab’n Drop Ragdoll
      Dunno, since I played Dungeons I just loved the Ragdoll animation when I droped my units, was one of the better things of this Game. War for the Overworld does that poorly, where they just hoover under your hand and when you drop it, they walk like nothing happned (works quite well with thise game though).
    4. God Simulation element
      I just like to be able to play a god and do god like stuff in Dungeon Management Games. Like slapping my units whenever I feel like, drag and drop units from A -> B, cast spells, etc
      Dungeon Keeper, Dungeons and War for the Overworld did it right IMO, Overlord and Impire didnt do it for me.
    5. Replacement Earth
      That’s just something which is a true gift and a perfect addition to Dungeon management Games. Dungeons III and War for the Overworld have it and it is really nice to repair walls you migth have accidently dug out, or the AI did… which was annoying. But beeing able to patch that satisfies my OCDs.
      IMO Dungeons III made it quite nicely with its animation
    6. Interessting Units Interaction
      Just something I were missing in WFTO. Units who should have some interaction at some point. Some units who dislike or have soem special Charakteristics
    7. Possession
      Wondering around in your Dungeon in first person is awesome :3
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    Hey Biervampier, welcome and thanks a ton for the suggestions and ideas! Keep it coming, we love to hear what people have to say!
    I’ll go over your points here, in whatever capacity i currently can!

    1. Independed Unit behaviour, in combat
     This is already something we have planned for a long time. Units will be much smarter and more autonomous in our game than in any other rts, however you will also be given the ability to micro should you choose to. Some units will have abilities that are very strategical and will only use if you directly tell them, or you may also be able to toggle the autonomous use of certain abilities on or off, should you want to save that Warlock’s fireball for your own dastardly use. This of course will not mean you have to do any of these things, but that should you wish to further involve yourself and take more direct control, the option will be there. Units will be more than capable of thinking cleverly on their feet otherwise, and all you will normally have to do is give them more general directions such as , go here, interact with this, kill this etc.

    2. Tech Tree
    This is something that has also been planned for a very long time. I personally am not fond of how WftO handles it, but i can see why they do. We will instead opt for a more.. shall we say traditional tech tree such as you would see in Age of Empires or Civilisations. You will be able to assign research tasks to different library objects and units who can research will make progress on them. There will be branches and paths that lead to different developments which you will have to decide on how to approach.

    3. Grab’n Drop Ragdol
     The reason WftO would’ve done away with the stun and therefore ragdoll is because many players of DK II expressed a great displeasure with the stun creatures had in that game. It would leave your creatures vulnerable and defenseless for far too long, often making you lose units or simply start the engagement on the wrong foot, plus it felt clumsy. Now, the most important thing to note is that you are not capable of picking up creatures in Lords of Nether. You are a Lord and a Commander that is physically present in the world, not a divine or quasi-divine being. The mechanic itself always felt a bit lazy and lacking in the ability to truly strategize and think about how you build, which is not what we want. We give you direct control over creatures as an rts would, but there will be ways with which you could move your creatures about areas faster, should you need to. Ragdolling however will be present in our game when creatures die or are knocked unconcious.

    4. God Simulation element
    Once again, this is less of a god game and more of an rts, but certain elements naturally still remain. You cannot pick up or slap creatures, but you manage the dungeon in many other ways. Spells still remain an important part of any self respecting Dark Lord however.

    5. Replacement Earth
    This is something we also want, for pretty much the same exact reasons. We will most likely find a way to do this but we have to think about it and the mechanics surrounding it very carefully as it is a potentially extremely overpowered tool.

    6. Interesting Units Interaction
    A number of things are planned for this, from animations of creatures interacting or reacting to each other, to certain mechanics that might make you carefully consider how you build your dungeon. This will come, absolutely!

    7. Possession
     We are struggling immensely with this particular topic. Possession is a far more complex mechanic than it appears on the surface and it was largely present in the original DK due to a few factors such as a leftover from the Magic Carpet engine which the game was built on and an otherwise extremely limited method of doing more precision oriented actions due to a lack of unit control. Since we have direct unit control the original function of this spell is rendered useless, leaving us with just the admittedly fantastic and iconic mechanic that lets you walk around your own dungeon. We are trying to find a way to make this in some way viable, even ifi t means adjsuting the mechanics and reason for the existance of this spell, or changing it from something more like an Astral Projection that would allow your Lord to spectrally project and view the dungeon. Problems arise here due to the extremely different way sounds would work in first person, vs how they would work in an rts, along with the complexity of the mechanic in virtually potentially creating a whole different game within the game should we try to make it more complex in certain ways. We will continue to look into this feature, but for now it’s on the back burner.

    Thanks again for all the feedback and indeed, if anyone has anything they would like to throw at us, please do so!


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    1. <span style=”background-color: #0e0e0e;”><span style=”font-family: Roboto Condensed, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;”>Independed Unit behaviour, in combat</span></span>

    I will stay at this topic for a while, because that’s something which might bother me.
    – If you are able to use Abilities if you choose, for example a Fireball. If that one is a high dmg single target spell or AOE spell, then It will/should be used by a player. Which increases the gamepacing and rewards hight APM.
    –  If you can controll them yourselfe, then movement attack breaks will be commong, for example like Stutter attacks with Hydras or Marines in StarCraft. Or moveing during the attack cooldown by other range units, which also rewards highter APM.
    – For me it sounds like a similar RTS controll to WarCraft III, where I am able to set my Spellcaster on automode, but I’m usually better of by manually doing everything, because of better hits or heals. Question here would be, are you looking for a fast, slow or something in between or doing both?

    ~Big D

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    Your concerns have been noted and as is normal, we will continue to analyse, tweak and adjust these mechanics during development to reach our goals and create a balanced and fun experience. We want to allow players to choose how they play, so if someone chooses to go on the higher APM route and our mechanics really do allow that, it is fully within their right to do so. As for whether it is better to turn your caster on auto, i dont think an rts to this day has tried to create unit AI as intelligent as what we are making, so not necessarily. This will likely be very situational and largely up to personal choice. However it’s far too early to answer any of these things concretely. I can only say what our plans are and game development is often a process subject to a lot of change.

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    Oh God who let you in here Klaus? XD

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    I sense some history 😀

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    Yeah, we’re friends… with often wildly varying views on the direction that DMGs should go XD

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    But we agree, that DMG shoudl be slower paced then RTSs

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