What one thing did you really hate in a Dungeon Management game?

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    …And what thing/feature/mechanic did you most love?

    For me, I loved the dark atmosphere that DK1 had – Not knowing what’s “out there” and exploring the darkness.
    What I hated most, was probably flies getting into fights on enemy territory, or picking fights with my own beetles.

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    One of my peeves in dungeon keeper was sitting at the portal, waiting for a decent creature, and getting nothing but junk (that I would slap to death) without knowing what the remaining pool was like.
    It did open me up for some pretty sweet highs when that 8th Dark Mistress finally came through though (and feeling torn at the 9th), I’m not sure how to make this better but you’re not asking for solutions!

    I also hated losing hellhounds/the special level 10 fly that just ran off  without me noticing and died.

    My brother once ragequit after I lightninged a level 10 samurai that had just got back up on the way to his prison.

    Having a thousand alarm traps manufactured when all I wanted were magic doors/boulder traps (changed in DK2 though).







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    I hated DK’s Lightning (and Boulder) Traps. Whilst they were really awesome when you built them (because they were brokenly OP), they were equally hideous when you had to go against them. An imp wanders onto the wrong tile, an otherwise invisible and undetectable Lightning Trap triggers and it’s bye bye worker… oh and then it resets and does it over and over to the next 5 imps until it properly runs out of charge.

    Likewise with Boulders, bash down the wrong door and lose half your army.

    From a more modern point of view, I dislike spells like Sight of Evil which make minion based scouting obselete, that’s usually more about how soon you get access to the spell though, if you get it too early then you don’t need minion based scouting at all (and it removes the fear of digging into the unknown which most modern DMGs have lost entirely), but if it’s a mid game spell then obviously it’s more for keeping an eye on your opponent(s) so it’s less of a problem.

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    Yeah i gotta agree with everything here.

    Combat in both DK games is abysmal and most games that have come after havent really fixed that, except Dungeons 2 and 3 which introduced an rts style combat in the overworld, while were planning to do it everywhere but with actual autonomy instead of complete slavishness.

    The creature waiting and throwback was always a bloody pain too, i despised that mechanic and were doing away with it in favour of actually choosing the creature you summon through, as long as it’s unlocked.

    Traps of many varieties were broken and OP, in both DK1 and DK1, lightning and boulder traps were a constant nightmare, but i honestly had more issue with the lightning traps due to constant imp loss, having to possess a tanky, healing creature and just keep tanking them till they exhaust their charges. Boy talk about tedious. No we have a much more indepth, more fun trap system in mind and it will prevent absolutely ridiculous trap systems with no way through without losing your whole army, so long as you play smart. That said, traps will still be important and powerful and you should be able to turtle to some degree, so we will see how to properly balance it all but we’ve got some great ideas in the works. Their manufacture so far isn’t very different from how DK2 handled it, which i thought was a good system. Supply and demand, only build whats ordered.

    The Lightning spell was indeed also overpowered as hell, we’re still thinking about what spells are going to be like, as due to the major changes in gameplay style we want to let them arise from the needs of actual gameplay, i.e. what would be fun or useful. So far they seem mostly utility based, with damage being limited to areas and so on but nothing spammable.

    Thats a valid point you raise about Sight of Evil, Mr Nutter, it was already gonna be introduced late in the first act but maybe we should push it back further still. The good thing about DK sight of evil is that whatever you saw for that moment went away after the spell was over, it didnt let you keep that information at the very least.

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    When it comes to DK I it was horrible to build large rooms by clicking every single tile instead of “drawing a frame” like in DKII
    Also a cheating AI or a AI with unlimmited ressources is some kind of annoying as it limits your tactical possibilities.

    When it comes to DKII there is not much that I don’t like.
    Maybe that fortified walls are too easy to penetrate compared to DKI. In DKI it was great fun to turtle und build up.

    What I miss in both parts is the possibility to prevent creatures from entering certain areas (despite builing doors).
    You often feel that you cant control where flies go scout and what the trigger.

    DKIII: well…

    War For The Overworld: I really enjoy the game, but I stopped playing it, as there is a performance issue when building huge dungeons. Support says its an unsolved issue with the garbage collector of the unity enginge they cannot solve by themselves.

    What I would love to see is some kind of RPG elements like in Warcraft 3: A hero that you continue with through the campaign. With a skill tree and equipment



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    Yeah i always absolutely hated the way you build rooms in DK 1 and indeed there are a lot of issues with the AI of that game.

    As for your final point, you’re in luck, because that’s exactly what the Lords are! We’re not quite sure if you’re going to be able to equip different arms and armor, that’s most likely a no, but there will be artifacts you can collect and equip in your throne room and skills your lord gains as they grow stronger through the campaign!

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    I haven’t played many Dungeon Management games (about 5) and my taste to Dungeon Management Games might have changed quite a lot due to War for the Overworld.

    What I hate is, that Defences are often OP, so that you can hold off hords of enemies just with a few defences, like in an Tower Defence…
    Also I hate the slow pacing of Dungeons, I got so bored by this game, because it is so god damn slow. But yes, DMM Games are usually slower paced, but at least they give you something to do.

    Everything else I just love about DMM Games (expect of Dungeons)

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    Aye, there is an over-reliance on the rather simplistic trap system, which is why we’ve gone in and tried to make it a bit more complex and involved. I do agree on how often the entire element of dungeon building is negated in these games and you dont need creatures to fight if you simply overbuild traps like mad.

    As for the pacing, its absolutely a very delicate balance to strike but Dungeons 2 was abysmally slow, i do agree. 3 is only a bit better, but then when it comes to WftO i feel like it may be a bit on the other end of the spectrum, with very little time to react to things as they happen, let alone get some rest and enjoy the silence. Contrast is a very important thing in creating an experience, and something we intend to get right!


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    I liked the rather “fast” pacing of WFTO, it made a good challange, thought I think a difficulty setting would have suited WFTOs campaign very well.

    But that point where you said, a contrast would be very nice, like a relaxed face, and then the action face where stuff gets going on, which hits your preparation and you have to react according to the situation.


    ~Big D

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