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    I’ll start this off =)

    Hi! I’m Blutonium – I’m currently 34 years old and live in sunny South Africa.
    I’m a huge Dungeon Keeper fan and love anything GFX related!

    Looking forward to meeting you guys in the future!

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    Fair enough!

    I’m David Blac – 26 as of this point in time, Project Manager of LoN and CEO of BlackHeart Games. I live in the Netherlands (hurr hurr, geddit?), have been a Dungeon Keeper fan since my early teenage years and that is roughly also the time i created the first iterations of what would one day become Lords of Nether! I am an avid gamer, among other things, and i enjoy exploring as much as i can and drawing in inspiration and ideas from wherever possible. I’ve studied Game Design at Saxion University of Applied sciences, and it was during this study that this project first came to be. A lot has changed since then, the team has changed and grown and we have become focused and dead set on making the best possible Dungeon game we can, if not better! I certainly hope that it will bring a lot of joy to many people, as they pillage and ravage the lands of Antioch! As pillaging and ravaging rightly should, after all!

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    Hello there,

    I’m Benita Stärke, responsible for the rigging and animation of LoN’s many creatures and characters. The involvement in this project marks my first steps in the dungeon management genre, so I am excited to see what suggestions and inspirations I can draw from fellow forum members.

    Currently I am visiting the Game Design study at Saxion Enschede, focusing on character animation since roughly 2 years.

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    My name is Konstantin, 29.

    I am a senior software engineer (graphics). I have been working in the gaming industry for the last 4 years. I have been working on multiplayer AAA projects in proprietary engines and Unreal 4. My specialty is back-end API-level graphics system development and rendering optimizations. On front-end, I enjoy lighting and post-processing pipelines, material pipelines and everything that makes games as realistic, and gameplay as fluent as possible.

    On this project I will be mostly involved with the renderer and making sure the game runs as smoothly as possible while still retaining high visual quality.


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    Nice to meet you everyone!

    Im Ali 25 years old, been playing DK 1 and 2 since i was 8. I cant wait to play this game.

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    Hi All


    I’m Andrew or Nutter as most people call me. Like everyone else i’ve been playing the DK games since my childhood/teen years. It’s actually one of the games which inspired me to study Game Design and become a game designer myself (Shout out to Bullfrog for both DK and Populous the Beginning).

    Good to see you again Blutonium, your 3d models of the original DK units were what drew my attention to Keeper Klan so i’m glad you’re finally getting chance to get your work seen in a DK inspired game.

    As for me i’ve been making my own games for about 10 years now, and more recently i’ve been helping out with/designing maps for a certain other DK spiritual successor. So i’m looking forward to seeing if the game has map editing tools for me to play with, and if you guys need more more MP/skirmish maps later on you can always give me a shout 😉

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    Kris – 30 ( or around 7 and a half if you only count the leap years  )


    I’m currently the lead programmer on the project and responsible for developing the various engine / gameplay systems, the AI and the external editor tools we use, as well as being the source of the vast majority of bugs that inhabit them. It’s also my job to put the stuff in the game, and make sure it does the thing. And to generate a consistent stream of headaches for Konstantin.


    Professionally, I used to work as an animator and VFX artist. I also studied at Saxion, where I met David.  But then discovered programming and left to be a freelancer and study the craft ( programming not the witch stuff ). Some time after, I got a call from David about joining a project he started and I’ve been doing this ever since.


    I feel that these types of games are still tragically unexplored and it’s my wish to be part of making a worthy contribution to the genre.

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    Hey All, I’m Louis, 27, huge fan of the DK series and member of the keeperklan forums for well over a decade.

    I’m ridiculously excited about this project, especially after reading everyone’s amazing qualifications.

    Blutonium helped me model some DK stuff a long time ago (for IKSLM’s remake) that I showed during my computer science interview when applying for university. I got in! Thanks Bluto 🙂

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    Hi there,

    I’m Johan (34) from Germany. I work as a software developer in the automation industry.
    As a die hard Dungeon Keeper fan im very hyped about this project.
    Hope the best =)

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